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Avoid mistakes & delays while saving thousands of dollars. NYC Divorce Attorney, Paul Matthews has over 15 years of court room experience handling family and matrimonial law. His legal experience, backed by sound principles and familiarity with the current divorce and child custody and support laws in the State of New York aid him in giving clients the quality representation they deserve. Mr. Matthews provides affordable legal counsel and offers a Free Initial Phone Consultation. For more information see my uncontested divorce blog
Hiring a lawyer for a divorce or family law matter can be intimidating. Mr. Matthews' legal service strives to remove the frustration as he works with you to find the best solutions for your particular case. Each client receives prompt, personalized, and caring attention. Your telephone calls are returned in a timely manner and you are kept informed of the progress of your divorce or family law case. The goal is to get a prompt resolution to your case with a minimum of confrontation, while protecting your interests.
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If you are seeking an uncontested  NY divorce  you should use a lawyer to represent you. Hiring the services of a paralegal, even for an uncontested divorce, may be less expensive, but only an attorney can provide you with the guidance and expertise needed for a successful outcome. Fees for an uncontested divorce start at $499 plus costs for a case not involving children, property, or separation agreement. With new no-fault grounds, an uncontested divorce is even easier to get. So there is no reason not to call and get started on your fast divorce..
Experienced in child custody, child support and related matters
Mr. Matthews is experienced in child custody, child support, visitation, paternity, and order of protection cases. He is also very experienced in cases involving contested child support, child custody and visitation cases, including cases involving joint custody, shared custody, visitation, grandparent visitation, parental alienation, interstate cases, and Hague Convention cases.
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Have you lost your Family Law or Divorce case? Mr. Matthews is an experienced appellate lawyer and has successfully handled appeals on Family Law cases for clients in New York City and the surrounding areas.
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NYC Attorney provides affordable no contest divorces.  Family Law Attorney experienced in contested divorces as well as child custody and child support cases. Orders of Protection and Small Claims Court representation.
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Order of Protection cases can be very serious. Whether you are the petitioner or the respondent, having experienced legal representation is very important. Paul Matthews has the experience to help you receive a successful outcome.
Small Claims Court in NY
In addition to his Family Law and Marriage Practice, Mr. Matthews also represents people in NYC Small Claims Court in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens in New York. Even in Small Claims cases there is no substitute for experienced legal representation. The Law Firm of Paul Matthews offers the experience and court room knowledge to assure you of receiving quality legal representation. He has tried over a hundred cases in the Small Claims Courts of New York, Brooklyn, and Queens counties.  His fees start at only $300.00.



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